Contribution to Society

To realize our Corporate Philosophy, “With our Corporate Motto of Integrity, we are committed toward securing prosperity for our clients and shareholders through the creation of new value, Ewe believe that it is important to not only conduct our daily activities, but to aim to contribute to local communities to “secure prosperity for society Eand the happiness of all. Therefore, we are taking steadfast actions to realize this corporate philosophy.

Grant of the vaccine by contribution of used clothes (Furugi de Vaccine)

From fiscal 2021, the Company is collaborating with Japan Reuse System to provide material support to developing nations.
Every household has apparel that is no longer in use. Now, such items are sent to Japan Reuse System, which then sells them in developing countries. A part of the revenues gained from these sales is donated to the non-profit organization JCV in a scheme whereby the donations are used to purchase vaccines and supplied to local hospitals.


●Aid to developing nations
●Raising understanding of SDGs and internally promoting activities that contribute to society
●Generation of new hiring

CSR Committee of the Company made its evaluation that these are efforts that should definitely be carried out.

Furugi de Vaccine
「Furugi de Vaccine」SDGs image「Furugi de Vaccine」SDGs image

Volunteer Leave System

To contribute to society through its employees Eactivities to offer services and to support a variety of volunteer activities, Shinsho has since July 2011 formulated its “volunteer leave system. E/p>


Employees who have worked for over a full continuous year

Applicable activities

Activities such as those dealing with significant natural disasters or large-scale accidents, or at social welfare facilities

Leave period

Within a five-day period per year

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