Corporate History

Shinsho Corporation’s history goes back to November 1946 with the founding of its precursor company Taihei Corporation. Established to handle Kobe Steel products, Taihei was Japan’s first postwar trading company exclusively affiliated with a manufacturer. At the time, many Japanese manufacturers had lost their production facilities in World War II, and distribution functions were paralyzed. Company founders passionately believed that trading companies exclusively affiliated with manufacturers would provide crucial support to the manufacturing sector, and strove to supply the market with high-quality products. This spirit of high-quality manufacturing has been transmitted for more than 70 years. Today, Shinsho Corporation remains committed to the cause of high-quality manufacturing and, in partnership with Kobe Steel and the Kobe Steel Group, pursues business opportunities by proposing projects to client companies. In today’s quickly changing world, new demand must be discovered and developed. Never forgetting the aspirations of our founders, Shinsho will continue to develop as a trusted corporation that contributes to the wellbeing of society.


November 1946

Taihei Corporation founded in Kitahama, Osaka,
capitalized at 2.5 million yen.
Tokyo Branch (now Tokyo Head Office) also opened.

“The time is coming when trading companies will lead manufacturers. Manufacturers will need direct connections with their own specialized trading companies if they want to follow their own course.” This idea, conceived by Chohei Asada, the sixth president of Kobe Steel, gave birth to Taihei Corporation (precursor to Shinsho Corporation), the first manufacturer-affiliated trading company in postwar Japan.

May 1948

Nagoya Office (now Nagoya Branch Office) opened.


March 1954

Toyama Office (now Hokuriku Branch) opened.

May 1954

Fukuoka Office (now Kyushu Branch office) opened.

March 1955

Sendai Office (now Tohoku Branch) opened.

May 1955

Kure Office (now Chugoku Branch) opened.

April 1957

Operational rights to Senwa Sangyo Co., Ltd. acquired.

July 1957

Sapporo Office (now Sapporo Branch) opened.

October 1959

Yuasa Corporation acquired.


June 1960

Company name changed to Shinsho Corporation.

In 1960, the 14th year after the company was founded, its name was changed from Taihei Corporation to Shinsho Corporation. The Chinese character “shin” is the first character for the name of Kobe, and thus symbolizes Kobe Steel. The character “sho” means “trade.” The new name reflected the company’s ambition to become the core trading company of the Kobe Steel Group.

August 1961

Shinsho Corporation listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

April 1964

Shizuoka Office (now Shizuoka Branch) opened.

August 1966

The Shinsho American Corporation
(now Shinsho American Corporation) established.

Shinsho began full - scale overseas expansion in the late sixties and established The Shinsho American Corporation in 1966. Sales for the first fiscal year of operation reached $1.19 million.

August 1968

Shinsho Corporation is listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

October 1969

Gunma Office opened.


March 1970

Acquired a 50% stake in Asia Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

September 1970

Shinsho Corporation shares selected as a margin trading issue.

April 1973

Kakogawa Office (now Kakogawa Branch) opened.

April 1974

Kumamoto Office opened.

October 1975

Capitalization increased to 3,930 million yen.

June 1977

System of two head offices adopted, one in Osaka and one in Tokyo.

April 1979

Gifu Office opened.


April 1980

Tokuyama Office opened.

July 1982

Shinsho Metal Processing Corp. (now Shinsho Non-Ferrous Metals Corp.) established.

January 1986

Shinsho Metal Products Corporation (now Shinsho Steel Products Corporation) established.

February 1987

Kobe Branch Office opened.

September 1987

Shinsho (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. established.

May 1988

Thai Escorp Ltd. established.

Thai Escorp Ltd. was established in 1988, at a time when Thailand was experiencing rapid development. The company has achieved notable results in such fields as welding material supply, as well as copper tube and aluminum material supply to Japanese-owned air conditioner manufacturers.


February 1990

Shinko Shoji Singapore Pte. Ltd. established.

November 1992

Taiwan Shinsho Corporation established

November 1996

Shinsho Australia Pty. Ltd.
(now Kobelco Trading Australia Pty Ltd) established.

April 1998

Shanghai Shinsho Trading Co., Ltd. established.

September 1998

Shinsho Business Support Co., Ltd. established.


October 2000

Certified as compliant with ISO 14001 environmental management criteria.

November 2001

Shinsho Meihoku Wire, Inc. established.

January 2002

Grand Blanc Processing, L.L.C. acquired.

January 2005

Shinsho Korea Co., Ltd. established.

August 2005

Shinsho (Philippines) Corporation established.

January 2006

Capitalization increased to 5,650 million yen.

June 2006

Suzhou Shinko-Shoji Material Co., Ltd. established.

September 2006

Kobelco Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established.

Kobelco Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shinsho Corporation that has trading, exporting, and importing rights in Shanghai. It was established to accommodate the market expansion that has accompanied China’s rapid economic growth.

March 2007

TES E &M Service Co., Ltd. established.

January 2009

Shinsho Europe GmbH established.


July 2010

Middle East Representative Office opened.

October 2010

Kobelco Precision Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. established.

March 2011

Kobelco Trading India Private Limited established.

May 2011

PT. Kobelco Trading Indonesia established.

June 2011

Kobelco Trading Vietnam Co., Ltd. established.

December 2011

Matsubo Corporation acquired.

January 2012

Kobelco Plate Processing India Private Limited established.

January 2013

Shinsho Osaka Seiko (Nantong) Corporation established.

April 2013

Shinsho Mexico S.A. de C.V. established.

July 2014

Kobelco Tsutsunaka Trading Co., Ltd. (currently SHINSHO METALS CORPORATION) acquired as subsidiary.

September 2014

Kobelco CH Wire Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. established.

May 2015

SC Tech de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. established.

July 2015

KTN Co., Ltd acquired as subsidiary.

July 2015

Aiken Wire Processing, L.L.C. established.

August 2015

Yangon Branch opened.

January 2016

Nakayama Corporation (currently SHINSHO METALS CORPORATION) acquired as subsidiary.

April 2016

SC Welding Corporation acquired as subsidiary.

May 2016

Sydney Office opened.

Brisbane Office opened.

April 2017

Acquired a 40% stake in Morimoto Kosan Co., Ltd.

July 2019

Kobelco Tsutsunaka Trading Co., Ltd. merged with Nakayama Corporation and changed the name with SHINSHO METALS CORPORATION.

September 2019

Tokyo head office relocated.

July 2020

Business & Risk Management Department organized.