Basic Policy of Investor Relations / Shareholder Relations

Ⅰ Basic policy

The Group positions building long-term relationships of trust with its shareholders and investors as an issue of the upmost importance. We properly provide corporate information necessary for investment decisions and carry out activities that would contribute to the enhancement of corporate value through constructive dialogue, thereby strengthening the bonds of trust with the shareholders and investors.

Ⅱ Policy of Disclosure

1. Compliance with related laws, regulations and rules

We comply with related laws and regulations, such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Companies Act, as well as rules provided by stock exchanges.

2. Timeliness

In the event that the facts to be disclosed have been proved, the information is disclosed in a timely manner without delay.

3. Transparency

Regardless of contents, we always disclose information based on facts.

4. Accuracy

We disclose necessary and sufficient information so as not to cause misunderstanding.

5. Fairness

We disclose information to stakeholders in an equally accessible manner.

6. Continuity

We maintain the continuity of information to be disclosed.

7. Confidentiality

We do not disclose information to third parties until it is officially disclosed.

Ⅲ Matters to Be Disclosed

1. Legal disclosure

Disclosure based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Companies

2. Timely disclosure

Disclosure based on rules of stock exchanges

3. Voluntary disclosure

Corporate PR (business topics, etc.), medium-term management plan, and others

Ⅳ Others

(1) Efforts to enhance investor relations/shareholder relations activities

  • In regard to dialogue with shareholders and investors, an officer in charge of the General Affairs Department takes responsibility and the General Manager of the General Affairs Department corresponds to a reasonable extent.
  • The officer in charge of the General Affairs Department regularly reports to the management team the opinions and concerns of shareholders and investors obtained through dialogue and report them to the Board of Directors as necessary.
  • We hold individual meetings and financial results briefings as necessary to promote deep understanding of our business by shareholders and investors and to respond to diverse needs. In addition, we actively create opportunities for dialogue with shareholders and investors through various means, such as enriching our corporate website and business report.

(2) Internal system related to timely disclosure

  • When discovering the information or facts that fall under the matters to be disclosed, a person responsible for information management (in principle, General Manager of each department) promptly communicates and reports them to the General Affairs Department.
  • The General Affairs Department discusses the importance of information and necessity of timely disclosure with related departments as necessary, and then reports to a person responsible for information handling.
  • The person responsible for information handling requests the Board of Directors for an approval of timely disclosure information, and upon obtaining approval thereof, instructs the General Affairs Department to disclose the corporate information in a timely manner without delay.

【Schematic diagram of timely disclosure system】

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