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The Welding Division at Shinsho Corporation supports a diverse range of manufacturing industries. In particular in recent years, we have been active in fulfilling welding requirements in projects in Thailand and other ASEAN countries, China and other locations overseas. In addition to welding materials we supply equipment such as welding robot systems and automated welding plant in comprehensive proposals for our customers.

A Preeminent Lead in Value-Added Business through Technical Prowess

The Welding Division supplies welding materials used on site in industries such as shipbuilding and construction, construction machinery and vehicle manufacturing, and at generating stations and chemical engineering plants. We also supply welding-related equipment such as welding robot systems. A characteristic feature of our business is our comprehensive approach putting together welding materials with automated systems for a complete package.
Shinsho’s strength lies in our affiliation with Kobe Steel. We supply some 800 welding-related branded items produced by Kobe Steel, and with our detailed technical support and capability to meet customers’ requirements, we are in a preeminent position in the high value-added business. The Welding Division of Shinsho Corporation directs efforts to technical projects in which we can rapidly assess needs with the necessary technical know-how that has grown out of manufacturing, and offer realistic proposals matched to the application.

Winning Customers’ Trust and Developing Overseas Business

One foreseeable trend in the Japanese market is the growth in demand for construction for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and related growth in demand for welding for steel frame construction. Fulfilling these requirements will be vital for the expansion of the Welding Division. Overseas, we see greater importance in the future in our long-term relations with customers to whom we supply welding equipment and robots, and provide maintenance.
Shinsho currently places priority on setting up maintenance networks for our overseas locations. In Thailand, for example, we have a maintenance department set up within Thai Escorp Ltd. and we are building trust with our customers through regular checks and repairs of their equipment. We plan to extend such activities in the future, not just throughout the Asian region but also to North, Central and South America.

Global Operating Locations

Main Products Handled by the Welding Division

Welding materials
Shielded metal arc welding rods, solid wires, flux-cored wires, submerged arc welding wires and fluxes, inert gas wires, and ancillary materials for welding use
Materials for production
Alloys, metal powders, mining products, ilmenite, hoop materials (mild, stainless steel), plastics and plastic products, special steel wires, spools for welding wire, polypropylene, paper and cardboard products, packing materials
Welding-related equipment
Welding robots & FA systems, arc welders, low frequency resistance welders, laser welding equipment, laser cutting equipment, plasma cutting machines, gas cutters, stud welders, high pressure gas containers, low-energy automated welding equipment and peripheral devices, dryers, transporters, equipment and materials for brazing, dust collectors

Main Industrial Fields