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Offering new solutions that integrate IT with a wealth of knowledge on materials

Shinsho Corporation can offer a total solutions package starting with Japan's leading welding materials from Kobe Steel all the way up to solvent materials, welding equipment, and welding robots. In 2020, the organization was restructured - including Group businesses under the Welding Division - to strengthen our sales capabilities. We can now offer our customers new technologies and added value.

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Overseas Operating Locations

Overseas Operating Locations


Abundant product knowhow and technical capabilities for total solution packages

Kobe Steel's welding product lineup includes approximately 800 brands. Shinsho Corporation is proud to be the largest handler by volume within the Kobe Steel Group. We use our abundant product knowledge and technical expertise to offer total solutions to customers in China, Japan, and ASEAN countries, with focus on Japan and Thailand. Shinsho Corporation also offers automated welding systems that combine welding materials and welding robot systems. We have also improved our overseas maintenance systems and built a dedicated Maintenance Department in Thailand that offers periodic inspections and maintenance for our customers' equipment. Shinsho Corporation has the technical expertise to work with lines composed of robots from multiple manufacturers. We can help any customer looking to streamline their factory operations.

Strategies that support entire manufacturing process with IoT and more

The Welding Division is expanding the scope of the business to support the whole manufacturing process, starting with conventional arc welding. For example, we have begun offering new total solutions that contribute to enhancing quality and improving productivity, like dissimilar welding of aluminum and steel to correspond with weight reductions in automobiles and the integration of high value-added wire using state-of-the-art technologies and specialized equipment. By introducing IoT into the welding process, we have begun working with systems that can monitor the amount of material used and the operating status of equipment. This allows for the advanced detection of potential accidents and abnormalities so that line and robot maintenance fits seamlessly into the factory production schedule. We are also currently working with SIers to develop new engineering systems.

Main Products Handled by the Welding Division

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Welding materialsShielded metal arc welding rods, solid wires, flux-cored wires, submerged arc welding wires and fluxes, inert gas wires, and ancillary materials for welding use
Materials for productionAlloys, metal powders, mining products, ilmenite, hoop materials (mild, stainless steel), plastics and plastic products, special steel wires, spools for welding wire, polypropylene, paper and cardboard products, packing materials
Welding-related equipmentWelding robots & FA systems, arc welders, low frequency resistance welders, laser welding equipment, laser cutting equipment, plasma cutting machines, gas cutters, stud welders, high pressure gas containers, low-energy automated welding equipment and peripheral devices, dryers, transporters, equipment and materials for brazing, dust collectors

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