President’s Message

President’s Message

Our goals as "A Trading Company that Supports Manufacturing for Tomorrow and Contributes to Society"

At Shinsho, we have formulated a business strategy and management indices for the three years leading up to 2023, setting our sights on becoming “a trading company that supports manufacturing for tomorrow and contributes to society, Ewhich is the vision for ourselves we aspire to achieve in 10 years.

As our overall strategy, we aim to bolster our management base with a focus on the three pillars of "enhancing profitability," "promoting investments," and "strengthening trading company functions."

We welcome all changes as business opportunities, and while enhancing stable revenue streams, we will accelerate our efforts to achieve the SDGs in consideration of the natural environment, and spare no effort in our endeavors to create a “new world, a new era, and new values Eto achieve further growth.

President and CEO

Overall Strategy

Strengthen Management Base Strengthen Management Base
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