Overseas Expansion

Overseas Expansion

A trading company that supports manufacturing for future, and contributes to society

To achieve our long-term corporate vision to "Be a trading company that supports manufacturing for future, and contributes to society." Shinsho Corporation views every change happening throughout the world as an opportunity.
We will continue our strategy of creating a "New World, New Era, and New Value" to grow hand-in-hand with customers while refining the manufacturing support systems and value adds we've nurtured to date.

Shinsho quality throughout the world

We at Shinsho Corporation have honed our technical prowess and capabilities to make proposals as manufacturer with the international expansion of bases for our five divisions: Iron & Steel, Ferrous Raw Materials, Nonferrous Metals, Machinery & Electronics, and Welding. We will continue to improve functionality at our overseas bases, have our global bases work cooperatively, and provide value-added solutions for the future while providing the same quality products and services found in Japan.

【Priority Initiatives】

We have set "Reducing weight in EVs and automobiles" and "A Resource Circulation Business" as our areas of focus and are putting initiatives in place to respond to actions towards carbon neutrality.

Enhancing Functions and Connections in Three Major Regions

Enhancing Functions and Connections in Three Major Regions


  • Expanding transactions with Kobe Steel Group companies, automotive manufacturers, LCD panel manufacturers and others, primarily through Kobelco Trading (Shanghai).
  • Expanding alminum processing locations.

ASEAN and India

  • Expanding transactions in automotive/bicycle industry and in the field of ferrous and nonferrous raw materials through 11 companies' network.
  • Collecting information and promoting regional connections to capture infrastructure demand in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, etc.

North and Central America

  • Strengthening the wire material business in North and Central America through sales locations (North America, Mexico), secondary wire processing locations (North America) and closer connections with our operational center (Japan).

Growth that goes further, makes us stronger, and leads towards change

We've doubled down on our commitment to manufacturing with a focus on steel as we pursue ways to strengthen existing businesses. As a professional group that can provide total solutions throughout the entire manufacturing process, we're dedicated to creating ingenious and effective supply chains that contribute to our customers' growth and development. Promoting structural changes and optimization within Shinsho Corporation and our Group businesses will increase our competitiveness. We believe that continual change within our organization creates sustainable growth.

Contributing to the development of sustainable societies

As an organization that supports manufacturing, Shinsho Corporation acknowledges the importance of SDGs in realizing a decarbonized society and creating a circular society. We not only follow Kobe Steel's "Strategy for Carbon Neutrality," we also contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by introducing businesses that contribute to society, such as expanding global sales of our steel scrap, horizontal aluminum recycling within Japan, providing a stable supply of biomass fuels made from industrial waste, creating copper nuggets and resin pellets from electric waste wire, and more.

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