Initiatives to Enhance Working Environments

For a trading company, employees are the critical human talent that will lead to the generation of new business. For such employees, Shinsho is enthusiastic in its efforts to improve workplace environments. In addition, recent years have seen companies pursue initiatives for diversity, placing respect and acceptance on a wide variety of differences, including gender, age, nationality, sense of values and character. Shinsho seeks to be a company supremely capable of effectively adapting to a constantly changing business environment and a diversification of needs.

Work Style Reforms

The Company has reaffirmed that our employees are important stakeholders, and has put in place measures that promote employee health, improve workplace environments and other initiatives.
We will continue to promote diverse ways of working in line with the changing times, and in order to give rise to new vitality in society and give peace of mind to every employee, we will push forward on creating attractive workplaces where people can work with vigor.

  • Workplace Environment Enhancement
    Tokyo Head Office RelocationSeptember 2019
    Liberalization of uniforms/apparelSeptember 2019,
    October 2020
    Introduction of flextime systemApril 2020
    Introduction of at-home work system April 2021
  • Initiatives for Diversification

    Basic Policy of Diversity

    Irrespective of race, nationality, creed, gender, physical impairment and others, we have acquired and appointed diverse human resources based on our policies of employment stability and equal opportunities. While responding to the social demands as represented by the enforcement of Expansion of Women’s Participation in Policy and Decision-making Processes in All Fields in Society, we aim to encourage independence and self-reliance of each employee through various trainings and internal educational opportunities. We also promote the establishment of personnel system that can respond to diverse working styles and fair treatment based on the degree of contribution to the company, in addition to our ongoing efforts to enhance the respect for humanity and secure comfortable working environment.

    Initiatives to Promote the Advancement of Women

    Reflecting its efforts to leverage diversity, the Company strives to respect humanity, and to maintain and improve comfortable work environments. While doing this, it aims to respond to various needs and to generate new value.
    These efforts also include promoting the advancement of women and initiatives to achieve work-life balance, which are positioned as issues of key importance. The Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, enforced from April 1, 2016, is the basis for the formulation of the Company’s Action Plan, as below. In addition to the initiatives and activities to date, we will promote action to an even further extent.

    Second Action Plan

    1.Plan period

    The five-year period from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2026


    ●Continued implementation from fiscal 2015
    To reinforce the hiring of female employees, whether it be the hiring of new graduates or mid-career hires, the Company conveys information to female job seekers through its corporate briefings, hiring website and other means.

    ●Continued implementation from fiscal 2016
    The Company puts in place an environment in which it is easy to take vacation, aiming for 15 paid vacation days to be taken annually by establishing recommended paid vacation days and simultaneous paid vacation days, or the thorough taking of leave for refreshment.
    ●From April 2020
    The Company newly established a paid vacation system available in hourly increments to realize flexibility in taking vacation.

    ●Continued implementation from fiscal 2016
    The Company has maintained operation of a reemployment system geared toward those who have left the Company for reasons such as childcare or caregiving to assist the career formation of those who left mid-career.
    ●From April 2022
    For those who were hired as general office staff, the Company facilitates the switching of job classification to regional limited staff (without changing worksites, and being responsible for certain regular staff duties). This creates opportunities for personal growth, expanding work areas with confidence.
    ●From April 2020
    Newly established a flextime work system, facilitating autonomous workstyles.
    ●From May 2021
    Newly established an at-home work system to aid in ways of working that take lifestyles into account.

    Our initiatives supporting childcare

    We adopted the Company’s Action Plan below based on the Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation (Next Generation Act), which came into force on April 1, 2005, to enable our employees to balance work and childcare and establish a pleasant working environment for all employees.

    Action Plan

    “Integrity” is Shinsho Corporation’s company motto.We are committed toward securing prosperity for our clients and shareholders through the creation of new values. Our employees are critical to the realization of our corporate philosophy. We want to be a company that can most effectively respond to the ever-changing business environment and diversifying needs of our employees by providing a good working environment for them. We promote the creation of an awareness of mutual recognition and the development of an environment in which all employees, regardless of gender, can balance work and child rearing, and in which all employees can work with peace of mind and vigor.

    1.Plan Period

    Two years from April 2024 to March 2026

    2.Target and Initiatives


    1)Promotion of male employees taking childcare leave
    ●Percentage of eligible male employees taking childcare leave during the plan period: 50% or higher

    2)Creating an awareness and environment of mutual understanding among employees
    ●Establish an environment that facilitates access to systems related to childcare and leave-taking.
    ●Creating an environment of mutual understanding.


    ●Introduce and inform the public of systems related to childcare, etc. and how to utilize them.
    ●Conduct return-to-work interviews for employees who have taken long-term maternity leave
    ●Continued implementation and expansion of the scope of the training program to support both work and family life.
    ●Roundtable Discussions
    ●Family Day

    Aiming for a Pleasant Workplace where Work and Home Life Is Balanced.

    With the goal of supporting employees' family childcare and nursing care, we have systems such as "childcare and nursing care leave," "restrictions on overtime and late-night work for childcare and nursing care," "shorter working hours for childcare and nursing care," and "leave for nursing care and leave for nursing care that can be taken in hourly increments.
    We aim to balance work and childcare for both men and women by establishing a support system to ensure that employees fully understand and utilize childcare-related systems, working with supervisors and colleagues, and realizing the wishes of men who want to actively raise children, while sharing the burden of childcare and housework with their spouses, which tends to fall on the female side.
    The Company hopes that all employees who wish to take childcare leave will be able to do so, targeting employees who live with and raise children under one year old.

    【Actual usage of system (Shinsho Corporation)】

           Man     Woman
    2021   1 employees  7 employees
    2022   2 employees  5 employees
    2023   12 employees     9 employees

    In addition, as part of initiative to support a balance between work and parents’ lifestyles and nursing care, in December 2012 Shinsho contracted with the nursing care services provider NPO Sea Care, becoming a corporate member.


    NameNPO Sea Care
    Address 2-7-3 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0025 East Inter Building 10th floor
    Certification Establishment dateCertified from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on May 30, 2002
    (Tokyo Municipal Certification number: specified non-profit juridical person certified by Bureau of citizens and cultural affairs of Tokyo, No. 14-204) June 19, 2002
    WEB Site

    Making Efforts at Global Recruitment

    Shinsho Corporation has set a goal of achieving an overseas trading ratio of 50% in fiscal 2020, and is working to develop its overseas bases where it is expanding a business model oriented toward operations. For that reason, as one human resources strategy, Shinsho is actively working to recruit exchange students from overseas who are residing in Japan. Shinsho is also aggressively seeking to hire local employees at its subsidiaries that operate outside of Japan.

    【Actual hiring of non-Japanese employees (Shinsho Corporation)】

    2021  None
    2022  2 employees (China)
    2023  1 employees (Vietnam)

    Senior Specialist System

    The age of retirement is 60 at Shinsho, but those retirees who wish to be rehired can conclude a fixed-term employment contract with a human resources-related agency specified by the Company, and then, as a senior specialist, be dispatched to Shinsho or one of its Group companies, or other site. These employees contribute to the Company’s business under working arrangements determined from 1. Regular duties; 2. Duties performed on fewer days; or 3. Duties with fewer working hours.

    【Actual usage of system (Shinsho Corporation)】

    As of the end of April 2021  17 employees
    As of the end of April 2022  20 employees
    As of the end of April 2023  21 employees

    Shinsho considers the maintenance of employee health as an important corporate role.

    At Shinsho, employee health is managed by making regular health checkups available to all employees. For those employees who request, industrial physicians and public health care nurses are introduced, with opportunities made to consult about the results of medical examinations.
    In addition, given the transformation to the economy and industrial structure of recent years, there has been an increasing rate of workers who feel worried, anxious or stressed about their jobs or career lifestyle, which is said to be leading to a rising trend of emotional disorders. Shinsho has established a system where employees can consult with mental health experts such as clinical psychologists, about their worries and concerns in the workplace and in their private lives, and we also provide support for the mental health management of our employees.

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