Designs for Business: We at Shinsho Corporation have a distinct advantage: as part of the Kobe Steel Group, we view the world from the perspective of a global manufacturer dedicated to high quality production. We create perfect designs that will add value to your business.

Corporate Information: Because of our close connection to manufacturing, Shinsho has the unique ability to offer manufacturing proposals to customers. Using our integrated strength as the core trading company of the Kobe Steel Group, we contribute to the business growth of our customers and to the creation of a prosperous society.

Business Overview: As the core trading company for the Kobe Steel Group, Shinsho Corporation operates five divisions: Iron & Steel, Ferrous Raw Materials, Nonferrous Metals, Machinery & Electronics, and Welding. We are dedicated to being a business partner that supports high-quality manufacturing.

Global Business: The world market continues to change from day to day, with diversifying needs. We at Shinsho Corporation conduct global business operations that are tailored to local customer needs throughout the world.

Sustainability: To realize our Corporate Philosophy, “with our motto of integrity, we are committed toward securing prosperity for our clients and shareholders through the creation of new value,” while playing our part in support of manufacturing activities worldwide, we are actively tackling issues related to the environment, society and corporate governance.

IR information:  We disclose management information, financial data, business results, stock information and other materials in order to help shareholders and investors better understand Shinsho Corporation.

Recruitment Information: Making connections between technology and society. Your Global Business Partner, Bringing Technology to Society

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