Dividend and Dividend Policy

The Shinsho Group has positioned the distribution of profits to all of its shareholders as an important management issue, and while taking into account the retained earnings and other factors essential to strengthen the corporate constitution and future business development, as its basic policy, the Group continues to pay dividends based on the results of each fiscal period.
The number of dividend payments is generally twice per year, at the end of the interim period and at the end of the fiscal year, the record dates for each being set as stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation.
Shinsho’s Articles of Incorporation stipulates that “The record date for the interim dividend of the Company shall be September 30 of each year.”
Shinsho’s Articles of Incorporation also state that “The matters specified in each item of Article 459, Paragraph 1 of the Companies Act, including distribution of surplus, shall be determined by resolution not of the General Meeting of Shareholders but of the Board of Directors of the Company.”
The distribution of surplus for the current fiscal year is as follows.

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