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Shinsho’s Iron & Steel Division utilizes the Kobe Steel Group’s global network to satisfy customer requirements in all phases of their business, from overseas start-ups to stable product supply. We offer not only localized market information but also the kind of technical and production expertise that only a trading company affiliated with a manufacturer can provide. By tapping into the vast and varied sources of the Kobe Steel Group, we can supply the ideal products to meet diverse customer needs.

Providing Support for Overseas Business Development Right from the Start

One of Shinsho’s greatest strengths is the high value-added “Only One” products manufactured by Kobe Steel, which are backed by a wide array of purchasing sources through which we can reliably supply the steel products our customers need anywhere in the world. We are currently establishing joint ventures in North and Central America, China and Southeast Asia so that we can supply Japanese-owned automakers and auto parts manufacturers operating abroad with products of the same high quality as those bought in Japan.
One of our most important missions is to support client companies as they set up their own business operations abroad. We provide parts makers and other companies who are looking to expand abroad with information we’ve gathered from our own overseas operating bases as well as from other members of the Kobe Steel Group, with whom we maintain close ties. In this way we become a true partner in our customers’ enterprises by advising them about siting and plant construction and providing them with information about the purchase of equipment and furnishings.

Active Expansion into Fields and Regions of Growth

Mexico has become a major focal point as a base for manufacturing and exporting products to America. Auto part manufacturers in particular are expected to continue setting up Mexican operations in large numbers, and Shinsho is ready to support them with local subsidiaries that import and export steel products and gather information on new developments as they happen. We have also established a secondary wire processing facility that will further expand business opportunities.
Similarly, we have opened a new factory in the suburbs of Chennai, India that processes steel plate used to manufacture construction machinery. Infrastructure is being built at a rapid pace in India, and this has increased demand for construction machinery. Our new plant will enable use to reliably supply construction machinery manufacturers with high-quality steel plate at a reasonable cost.
Taking advantage of technical expertise and information that only a trading company closely affiliated with a manufacturer can provide, we help our client companies pursue their businesses in fields and regions that promise future growth.

Global Operating Locations

Main Products Handled by the Iron & Steel Division

Half-finished Steel Products
Ingots, blooms, billets, slabs
Special Steel Products
Carbon and alloyed steel for structural use in machinery, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, tool steel, spring steel, bearing steel, free-cutting steel, high tensile-strength steel, high manganese steel, special alloys
Construction Materials
Columns, tie rods, steel pipe piles, guard cables, guard rails, gratings, anti-sway bars, high-tension bolts, stud dowels, steel fibers, high-strength shear reinforcement, geogrids, other general construction and civil engineering materials, safety fences for walkways, mesh to prevent falling rocks
Castings and Forgings
Engine crankshafts, stern frames, propellers, turbine shafts and blades, various rolls, die steel
Carbon Steel Products
Wire rods, hard steel wire rods, bars in coil, steel plates, hot-rolled steel strip, cold-rolled steel strip, surface treated steel sheets, colored steel sheets, steel pipes, round reinforcement bars, deformed bars, section steel
Wire Rod Products
Steel wires for cold forging, hard steel wires, PC steel wires, wire ropes, spring wires, stainless steel wires, annealed steel wires, nails, thin wires, wire mesh, barbed wires, polished steel bars, screws, bolts, nuts, binding wire, cold-forged products
Titanium and Nickel Alloys
Titanium material (powder), pure titanium, titanium alloys, secondary titanium products, titanium building materials and seamless pipes, welded pipes, sheets, bars
Casting Materials and Cast Products
Pig irons for casting, auxiliary materials for casting, iron scrap, cast and forged products, steel powders

Main Customers

O&K Company Limited
Osaka Seiko, Ltd.
Meihoku Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd
Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd.*
Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.*
Shinko Wire Company, Ltd.
Saga Tekkohsho Co., Ltd.*
Sakai Steel Sheets Works, Ltd
KS Summit Steel Co., Ltd.
Shimabun Corporation
Nakajima Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd.
Sanwa Tekko Co., Ltd.
Futaba Corporation*
Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd.
Ondo Corporation*

*Includes overseas group companies.


NameMain Products Supplied
Kobe Steel, Ltd.Wire rods, steel plates and sheets, steel castings and forgings, titanium, steel powders, etc.
Kobelco Steel Tube Co., LtdSeamless stainless steel tubes, precision pipettes, special tubes
Shinko Kenzai Ltd.Guard fences, steel gratings, soundproof wall products, disaster prevention products, landscape products, marine and structural materials
Shinko Wire Company, Ltd.Special steel wire products, wire rope products, engineering-related products
Tesac Shinko Wirerope Co., Ltd.Wire rope and related products, secondary wire material products
Shinko Bolt, Ltd.Various types of bolts for use in construction and civil engineering
Nippon Koshuha Steel Co., Ltd.High-grade special steels and special alloys
Shinko Kohan Kako, Ltd.Fused steel plates
Osaka Steel Co., Ltd.Billets, steel materials, and processed steel products
Kanto Steel Ltd.Billets, steel materials, and processed steel products
Kyoei Steel Ltd.Billets, steel materials, and processed steel products
Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd.Steel tubes and processes products
Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.Steel sheets and plates, stainless steel sheets and plates
Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co., Ltd.Stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloy sheets and plates