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Metals Division
Iron & Steel Unit

Evolving a high-quality and stable supply chain.

We procure and supply steel products from around the world for our customers, with a focus on Kobe Steel Group products.
We strive to create new added value by utilizing our history of building supply chains, such as establishing local secondary processing manufacturers, refining logistical capabilities, and more.

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Overseas Operating Locations

Overseas Operating Locations


Using information and added value to support our customers' global manufacturing activities

The ability to exchange and gather information and manufacturing expertise are essential in the creation of stable procurement lines, securing product supply and ensuring product quality around the world. Based on the close partnership and trust relationships with Kobe Steel, Ltd. and other companies of the Kobe Steel Group, the Shinsho Corporation utilizes its unique global network spanning the Americas, China, Thailand and many other countries and regions to establish a procurement and supply system in accordance with customers' requests regarding product quality and price. We also dispatch Shinsho Corporation employees to local secondary processing manufacturers and partner companies so that they can understand local manufacturing and increase product knowledge in order to improve their information gathering capabilities and added value. Furthermore, we develop human resources whose skills are sufficient for becoming involved in the management of our business. The Iron & Steel Unit mission is to look at things from the customer's perspective, pursue customer satisfaction, think about and implement the methods that will maximize our pursuit of customer satisfaction and continue to be committed to the proposal of solutions.

Becoming an irreplaceable manufacturing presence

The Iron & Steel Unit plans to achieve the following milestones. Become experts in logistical coordination and material supply with a variety of supply chains that can respond to the changing demands of FY2023. Be a business unit (sustainable business unit) that continues to support manufacturing through proposals and material supply chains (procurement + logistics) that can respond to the needs of consumers in FY2030. Go beyond being a steel product trading firm for Kobe Steel, Ltd. and become an irreplaceable presence by independently thinking and acting, with strong relationships of trust with customers, handling different types of products including wire materials, steel plates, automotive parts, construction materials and titanium and stainless materials. To achieve the above goals, endeavor to develop new businesses like investment, M&A, working with offshore wind power generation businesses, supplying special alloys for photovoltaic power generation, reducing weight in EV (electric vehicle) components, and more.

Main Products Handled by the Iron & Steel Unit

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Half-finished Steel ProductsIngots, blooms, billets, slabs
Special Steel ProductsCarbon and alloyed steel for structural use in machinery, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, tool steel, spring steel, bearing steel, free-cutting steel, high tensile-strength steel, high manganese steel, special alloys
Construction MaterialsColumns, tie rods, steel pipe piles, guard cables, guard rails, gratings, anti-sway bars, high-tension bolts, stud dowels, steel fibers, high-strength shear reinforcement, geogrids, other general construction and civil engineering materials, safety fences for walkways, mesh to prevent falling rocks,tide barriers
Castings and Forgings Engine crankshafts, stern frames, propellers, turbine shafts and blades, various rolls, die steel
Carbon Steel ProductsWire rods, hard steel wire rods, bars in coil, steel plates, hot-rolled steel strip, cold-rolled steel strip, surface treated steel sheets, colored steel sheets, steel pipes, round reinforcement bars, deformed bars, section steel
Wire Rod ProductsSteel wires for cold forging, hard steel wires, PC steel wires, wire ropes, spring wires, stainless steel wires, annealed steel wires, nails, thin wires, wire mesh, barbed wires, polished steel bars, screws, bolts, nuts, binding wire, cold-forged products
Titanium and Nickel Alloys Titanium material (powder), pure titanium, titanium alloys, secondary titanium products, titanium building materials and seamless pipes, welded pipes, sheets, bars
Casting Materials and Cast ProductsPig irons for casting, auxiliary materials for casting, iron scrap, cast and forged products, steel powders

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