Environmental Policy

To actively address global environmental problems, we set up an internal Environment Committee and gained ISO14001 accreditation on 18 October 2000.
In the period up to the present time, environmental management activities have been reviewed by the Environment Committee on a periodic basis for ongoing upgrading. We contribute to society by promoting environmental management, including to our affiliated companies.

ISO 14001 Certification

StandardsISO14001 : 2015
Name Shinsho Corporation
Registration No.0066388
Scope of registrationAll domestic offices of Shinsho Corporation (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Kyushu, Chugoku, Shizuoka, Hokuriku, Sapporo, Tokuyama, Kakogawa, Gifu),
Date of registrationOctober 18, 2000
Period of validityOctober 31, 2024
Examination and registrationLRQA

Basic Philosophy

Standing our Corporate Philosophy, "with our Corporate Motto of Integrity, we are committed toward securing prosperity for our clients and shareholders through the creation of new value", we deeply recognize that strong drive against environmental issues is the most indispensable for the subsistence and activities of the Company and eventually challenge to realize Sustainable Growth.

Core Values

(Enacted January 28, 2000)

1. Concern for the Environment

When pursuing business activity, we will take the preservation of the global environment into account and work to prevent pollution. We will also promote the handling of products that contribute to a better environment both in Japan and abroad.

2. Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

When pursuing business activity, we will comply with all international treaties related to the environment as well as all related laws and regulations both in Japan and abroad, including voluntary guidelines. We will also adhere to all agreements with stakeholders and work to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperative relationships.

3. Efficient Use of Resources and Energy

We will contribute to the realization of a recycling-based society through such means as efficiently using and reusing resources and energy, as well as protecting resources.

4. Establish and Continuously Improve Our Environmental Management System

Based on the environmental policies outlined here, we will establish an environmental management system and work toward continuous improvement through the implementation of a PDCA cycle.

5. Disseminate and Publicize Our Environmental Policies

We will notify all of our employees about our environmental policies and publicize them outside the company.

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