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Beyond providing a stable supply of materials indispensable for the production of steel, the Ferrous & Recycling Materials Unit contributes to decarbonization and the creation of a circular society by processing renewable products and fuels.

The resources and fuels required by customers in this high-flux social environment are undergoing dramatic changes.
By utilizing the international network we have cultivated over time, the Ferrous & Recycling Materials Unit maintains a stable supply of the resources necessary for steel manufacturing while both accelerating the incorporation of future renewable products and fuels and contributing to the creation of a circular society.

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Overseas Operating Locations

Overseas Operating Locations


Results and experience cultivated from a rich history in the steel resource business. But there's more to it than that.

Shinsho Corporation retains a long history of working with steel recycling products and steel materials like iron ore, coking coal, alloy steel, iron scrap, slag, and more. We do more than just import steel production materials and have successfully created a stable steel materials supply network through an Asia-centric trilateral trade agreement and investments that include coal mines in Australia and coking coal plants in Malaysia. Beyond steel production materials, we are also developing new markets that will stimulate demand for the RPF we have pioneered as a fuel alternative to coal. The change to advocating for renewable fuels like biomass fuels has been a radical pivot for our company. However, we will continue to make full use of our long business history to maintain our presence as a company that can respond to a variety of needs by listening to customers and suppliers.

Accelerating the transition to a zero-waste business

To date, Shinsho Corporation has worked with renewable materials and fuels like steel scarp, slag products, RPF, wood shavings, and more to help create a circular society. We work daily to expand our handling of biomass fuels like PKS (palm kernel shells) and wood pellets in order to contribute to Japan's renewable energy policies. In addition to growing sales of these biomass fuels, we are expanding our sales of cold iron materials and conducting educational training to achieve our 2030 Vision of "Expanding and growing our zero-waste business based on the Shinsho Materials business and becoming the world leader in professional human resources". We simultaneously support Kobe Steel's "Carbon Neutral Strategy" and work to achieve that goal.

Main Products Handled by the Ferrous & Recycling Materials Unit

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Materials for Making Iron and SteelCoal, iron ore, coke, pig iron for steelmaking, hot briquetted iron (HBI), iron scrap, stainless steel scrap, titaniferous ore, limestone, dolomite, alloy iron, zinc, electrodes, refractories, petroleum products, other auxiliary materials
OthersTitanium sponge, coke breeze, slag products, slag powder for blast furnaces, cement, Refuse Paper and Plastic Fuel (RPF), secondary cement products, iron sand, plastics, chemical products, titanium scrap, new materials, other auxiliary materials

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