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The Ferrous Raw Materials Division handles a wide range of resources needed by society and provides our customers with business support. We supply the coal and iron ore that go into blast furnaces and iron slag that is melted in electric furnaces. Keeping the environment in mind, we also focus on recycling slag, waste plastic, and other materials to make RPF (Refuse Paper and Plastic Fuel) that can be burned instead of coal.

Earning Customer Trust through Reliable Product Supply

The Ferrous Raw Materials Division indirectly supports economic growth in Japan and throughout the world by supplying the iron ore and coal needed to operate blast furnaces, and the iron scrap needed for electric furnaces.
Slag is one of the byproducts of the steelmaking process. It can be combined with recycled waste plastic and other materials to make RPF (Refuse Paper and Plastic Fuel) that can be used as a coal replacement. We expect the market for RPF to grow as the world tries to conserve limited fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions.
The strength of the Ferrous Raw Materials Division lies in its physical presence in many locations around the world. While maintaining close ties with purchasing departments within Kobe Steel’s Iron & Steel Business as well as iron and steel manufacturing departments, we often visit production sites to get a first-hand view of what is needed. Seeking out materials that are ideally suited to our clients, we ensure them a stable supply through appropriate, fine-tuned service that earns their trust.

Meeting Customer Needs While Expanding Markets and Operations

Although the Ferrous Raw Materials Division has grown alongside Japanese steelmakers, the market has changed dramatically in recent years. Japanese manufacturers are increasingly shifting their production facilities abroad, and new steelmakers are starting up overseas, further increasing the scale of the industry. To meet customer needs, Shinsho must serve the international market. Therefore, the Ferrous Raw Materials Division is expanding its bases of operation in such locations as Australia, the U.S., China and Singapore to accommodate localized demand, while building systems to ensure our customers have a stable supply.
Moving forward, we will make unified efforts together with our suppliers, working to create demand and provide a reliable supply of materials by expanding the scope of our operations. Adopting a long-term perspective that looks five to ten years ahead, we provide the support our customers need to expand their business by analyzing market trends using massive amounts of high-quality information.

Global Operating Locations

Main Products Handled by the Ferrous Raw Materials Division

Materials for Making Iron and Steel
Coal, iron ore, coke, pig iron for steelmaking, hot briquetted iron (HBI), iron scrap, stainless steel scrap, titaniferous ore, limestone, dolomite, alloy iron, zinc, electrodes, refractories, petroleum products, other auxiliary materials
Titanium sponge, coke breeze, slag products, slag powder for blast furnaces, cement, Refuse Paper and Plastic Fuel (RPF), secondary cement products, iron sand, plastics, chemical products, titanium scrap, new materials, other auxiliary materials

Main Customers

Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Kyoei Steel Ltd.
Osaka Steel Co., Ltd.
Nippon Koshuha Steel Co., Ltd.
Kanto Steel Ltd.
Kubota Corporation
Nippon Denko Co., Ltd.
Osaka Special Alloy Co., Ltd.
Kmew Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.
Nippon Paper Lumber Co., Ltd.
Vietnam Italy Steel JSC


NameMain Products Supplied
Kobe Steel, Ltd.Cold iron materials (pig iron, ore)
Shinko Slag Co., Ltd.Slag products, coke breeze
Glencore Coal Sales Pty Ltd.Coal
Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd.Limestone
Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.Limestone
Taiheiyo Cement CorporationLimestone
Ube Industries, Ltd.Limestone
Santhad Group Co., Ltd.Dolomite
Kanna Shoten Co., Ltd.Cold iron materials (metal charge, iron scrap)
Matsumoto Sangyo Co., Ltd.Iron scrap
Osaka Titanium Technologies Co., Ltd.Titanium sponge