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Machinery & Welding Division
Machinery Unit

Supporting our customers' manufacturing by providing reliable service.

We consider our mission to be growing and expanding alongside our customers.
Bolstering our logistics capabilities and expanding local maintenance bases helps us fulfill our goal of contributing to our customers' manufacturing work by providing maintenance and supplying materials via a supply chain comprised of robust domestic and international networks.

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Osaka Head Office:
Tokyo Head Office:

Overseas Operating Locations

Overseas Operating Locations


Customer support utilizing a global supply chain

Starting with Kobe Steel Group products, we select and supply our customers with the best industrial machinery and electronic information equipment from around the world. Our ability to provide global procurement and proposals comes from our local companies and offices throughout Eastern Asia, each Southeast Asian country, Dubai, Europe, North America, and beyond. Each base works closely with other bases and we create results by using our growing network of import/export businesses and trilateral businesses. For example, to support our customers' overseas manufacturing, we are in the process of establishing local manufacturing bases through joint ventures with suppliers and creating a highly competitive parts supply system. That level of commitment and execution is the Shinsho Corporation way. We plan to increase future overseas business by 60%.

Moving towards a digital society that accelerates implementation of IT-connected equipment

The rapid evolution of digital technology is drastically changing our living environment. Amongst this massive environmental change, we provide a variety of products and services in the industries and sectors of semiconductors, hard disks, and more. We work with a vast range of products, including semiconductor inspection equipment with a range of functions for memory, calculation, and power saving, a variety of electric components like the camera modules used in computers and portable devices, hard disk equipment for data centers in accordance with the growing investment in cloud services, and more. Moving forward, we will continue to respond to customer needs as we prepare for advancements in DX technology and the inevitable progress of time.

Main Products Handled by the Machinery Unit

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Chemicals, food processing equipment rocessing, kneading and forming; reacting, mixing and drying; pipe-laying work
Iron and steel, non-ferrous metal related equipmentSteelmaking, rolling plant, forming and processing, transportation, installation and maintenance
Electronic and IT equipment Sputtering target materials, FPD-related, hard disk-related, semiconductor-related, solar batteries
Environment and energy-related equipment Air and gas-related, steam-related, electrical-related, water-related
General industrial equipment High-function products, brakes and clutches, vacuum and sintering furnaces, industrial furnaces, weighing equipment, filling and packaging equipment, crushing balls, motors, reduction gears, bearings, fabricated products

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