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Keep creating high added value as a total production group.

We are constantly looking to satisfy customers through added-value proposals that go beyond the materials like aluminum and copper materials to include processing, assembly, recycling, and more. In this way, we look to grow along with our customers as we proactively promote resource circulation and explore new fields and technologies.

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Overseas Operating Locations

Overseas Operating Locations


Total production, from materials to assembly

Beginning with the Kobe Steel, Ltd., we utilize our domestic and global networks to provide a vast array of nonferrous metal products. The Non-Ferrous Unit applies their skills to provide a total production process, from materials to processing and assembly. For example, we can provide assembled modules with resin products in addition to copper lead frames. We operate aluminum coil centers for Chinese automobile sectors and aluminum processing and assembly centers for IT. We're also moving forward with aluminum plank cutting plants for ASEAN countries. We will continue to offer total production packages with an eye on the business environment and society in which we operate.

SDGs cognizant recycling

SDGs and environmental considerations like reducing CO2 continue to increase in importance as time goes on. The Non-Ferrous Unit pursues ways to add significant value by recycling nonferrous metal scrap. For example, we separate out aluminum scrap for use in automobiles for horizontal recycling. We've upgraded recycled copper materials and recycled resin materials produced from recycled electric wire waste. These kinds of additional solutions like reusing materials that contribute to the creation of a circular society is one strength of Shinsho Corporation.

Main Products Handled by the Non-Ferrous Unit

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Aluminum ProductsAluminum and aluminum alloys in the forms of plate, bar, shapes, pipe, rod, wire and foil
Cast Products Precision aluminum and magnesium cast products
Aluminum and Copper MaterialCopper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, ingots, recycled ingots, general scrap
Copper ProductsCopper and copper alloy in the forms of sheet, bar, pipe, rod and wire; copper and copper alloy tube for heat exchange applications
Processed Aluminum and Copper ProductsParts, products and half-finished products that primarily consist of aluminum or copper

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