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The Nonferrous Metals Division constantly monitors global developments and stays in the forefront by satisfying emerging needs. The main products we handle are aluminum and copper, but aluminum in particular has recently been in the spotlight. To reduce the burden humankind places on the environment, there has been a worldwide trend toward using aluminum to make automotive vehicles more lightweight and energy efficient.

We Complete a Supply Chain That Satisfies Customers’ Exacting Requirements

Aluminum has become essential in the transportation industry as a means of lightening the weight and improving the energy efficiency of automotive vehicles, rolling stock and planes. Making vehicles lighter is one way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and aluminum parts contribute to that goal. To date, the shift to aluminum has been seen primarily in Japan, North America and Europe, but because climate change is an issue that transcends national boundaries, it is fast becoming a global trend that includes newly developed countries.
Demand for copper is also on the rise, reflecting an increase in hybrid vehicles and automotive electronics, as well as the global dissemination of portable IT terminals that require connectors that are both strong and flexible. With our deep knowledge of various metal alloys, we serve as a crucial bridge between materials manufacturers and end users. To better serve diversifying customer needs.
Shinsho has established an aluminum processing plant in China that enables us to go beyond simply finding suppliers and selling materials; now we can actually process the material ourselves to meet specific customer requirements. In this way we act as an important link in our client companies’ supply chain.

Our Strength Lies in Our Technical Expertise as a Member of the Kobe Steel Group

We at Shinsho fully understand the technical characteristics of the value-added aluminum and copper products we sell. Taking advantage of the technical resources we enjoy as a member of the Kobe Steel Group, we can go the extra mile to ensure that our customers get exactly what they need. Our processing facilities located in various locations throughout the world handle not just KOBELCO products but materials produced by other manufacturers in Japan and abroad. We are familiar with the characteristics of materials made by many different companies, which allows us to select and process the products that precisely match customer specifications. With a focus on operating locations in China and Southeast Asia, we have laid out a fine-tuned network that supplies products with the same high quality as those produced in Japan, giving customers the peace of mind that only comes from a trading company that is closely associated with quality manufacturing.

Global Operating Locations

Main Products Handled by the Nonferrous Metals Division

Aluminum Products
Aluminum and aluminum alloys in the forms of plate, bar, shapes, pipe, rod, wire and foil
Cast Products
Precision aluminum and magnesium cast products
Aluminum and Copper Material
Copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, ingots, recycled ingots, general scrap
Copper Products
Copper and copper alloy in the forms of sheet, bar, pipe, rod and wire; copper and copper alloy tube for heat exchange applications
Processed Aluminum and Copper Products
Parts, products and half-finished products that primarily consist of aluminum or copper

Main Customers

Kobe Steel, Ltd.*
Inaba Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd.*
Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.*
Yazaki Corporation*
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.*
Amagasaki Pipe Corporation*
Hoei Metal Co., Ltd.*
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation*
Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.*
Panasonic Corporation*
Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.
Pacific Engineering Corporation*
JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation
Fuji Springs Co., Inc.
Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd.
Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning
Kaifa Technology (H.K.) Ltd.
Mazda Motor Corporation

*ncludes overseas group companies.


NameMain Products Supplied
Kobe Steel, Ltd.Aluminum and copper sheets and bars, etc.
Kobelco & Materials Copper Tube, Ltd.Copper tubes for air conditioning (inner grooved, smooth bore, deformed heat exchanging tube); copper tubes for construction and hot water supply (smooth bore, resin insulated)
Shinko Leadmikk Co., Ltd.Leadframes, stampings
Shinko Metal Products Co., Ltd.Condensate pipes, mold tubes for continuous steel casting
Kobelco Steel Tube Co., Ltd.Seamless stainless steel pipe, precision fine tubes; specialized tubes
Kobelco Research Institute, Inc.Experimental research, target materials
Shinko North Co., Ltd.Various types of processed aluminum products
Shinko Aluminum Wire Co., Ltd.Aluminum alloy wires and rods, processed products made from aluminum wires and rods
Shinko Kenzai Ltd.Products used in road building and civil engineering, structural materials
Kobe Electronics Material (Thailand) Co., LtdGrooved and smooth bore copper tubes for air conditioning and other applications
Kobelco & Materials Copper Tube (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Copper tubes and secondary processing products
Kobelco & Materials Copper Tube (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Inner-grooved and smooth bore copper tubes for air conditioning and other applications
Singapore Kobe Pte. Ltd.Slitter-processed copper bars,
Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products, LLCForged aluminum parts for automobile suspensions