Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

“Integrity” is Shinsho Corporation’s company motto.
We are committed toward securing prosperity for our clients and shareholders through the creation of new values.

Core Values

  1. To build the world of tomorrow as the core trading company of the Kobe Steel Group both in name and reality.
  2. To accept challenges of the future, and meet them with flexible solutions that help better society.
  3. To obtain complete customer satisfaction by judging wisely and acting promptly.
  4. To seek fair action and a reasonable profit, while strictly conducting ourselves in an ethical manner.
  5. To utilize our full capabilities to maximize corporate growth and promote a harmonious environment for all individuals and their relations.

Corporate Message

Ongoing globalization and diversifying customer needs are rapidly changing the business environment.
How do we conduct our business so that products get to customers? How do we make connections between technology and society to create new value?
We at Shinsho Corporation have a distinct advantage: as part of the Kobe Steel Group, we view the world from the perspective of a global manufacturer dedicated to high quality production. We create perfect designs that will add value to your business.