Initiatives to Nurture Human Resources

Basic Policy

Shinsho Corporation has set a goal of achieving an overseas trading ratio of 50% in fiscal 2020, and is working to enhance its overseas bases where it is expanding a business model oriented toward operations.
Given this and based on our Corporate Philosophy, “With our Corporate Motto of Integrity, we are committed toward securing prosperity for our clients and shareholders through the creation of new value,” we are developing a range of educational and training initiatives and working to raise the capabilities of employees so that we can grow the human talent able to provide proposals appropriate to customers anywhere around the world.

Overseas Training Programs

The Group is actively securing and training human resources with experience in global business, in order to create a sound business foundation from which to realize our long-term business management vision. As part of this in 2010 we launched a program to train young Japanese employees overseas. This program is designed for all non-specialist staff with careers of no more than ten years in the company. Those selected are sent to work with subsidiary companies in the US, China, Thailand and other locations.
The intention of overseas training is that participants acquire language skills and develop the ability to communicate easily with people from different cultural backgrounds. Young employees who have already completed this program are now working in our offices in Japan and overseas.
We are also recruiting foreign students in Japan to become part of our global team, as well as arranging training in Japan for staff in other countries. In this way we are fostering human resources competent in handling global business in the future.

Eligibility Non specialist staff with no more than 10 years’ employment in the company (5 divisions, administrative staff)
Locations Decided according to individual’s job etc.
Courses Decided on basis of assessment in English/Chinese, or by recommendation
  Type of training Destination
Language and business training Subsidiary or Group company
Language and business training Subsidiary or Group company
Language training Language school (located close to subsidiary)

System of Business Enhancement Team Activities

In November 2005, Shinsho established a Business Enhancement Team Activities Award System to put a spotlight on the steady efforts being carried out to reform daily business operations, and has conducted these activities since 2006.
This initiative seeks to assess the everyday work undertaken to enhance business operations, which in contrast to the results of sales activities are not so easily expressed with a numerical value. In this way, Shinsho is endeavoring to raise the motivation of those individuals or organizations who work behind the scenes, and together with this, to streamline Company-wide business operations and bolster business competitiveness. Activity teams each have their own structures from across the five business divisions, head office divisions, Group companies and overseas subsidiaries. Topics are decided and activities carried out every year from December to September of the following year.
After that, activities are judged based on six criteria for selection, namely, continuity, versatility, degree of achievement, improvement effect, relevancy of topic and activity frequency. In November of every year, on the occasion of the ceremony held to commemorate the Company’s founding, the president and the heads of each business division present awards to those teams that stood out for their activities and results achieved with regard to the criteria.
Recently, while there has been no direct participation from outside of Japan, staff from other countries have taken part as members of several of the teams.