Measures to Large-Scale Disasters

Measures to Deal with Large-Scale Disasters

Shinsho regularly conducts disaster preparedness drills.

In April 2007 Shinsho formulated its large-scale disaster countermeasure guidelines which work as a defense against disasters when they occur and set in place a framework to prepare for emergencies. In addition, Shinsho is working to mitigate damage that may occur in the future by regularly conducting disaster preparedness drills and holding meetings of its disaster prevention organization.

Mobile phone Web access to confirm safety

In August 2011, Shinsho commenced operation of its Shinsho Disaster Information System in Japan in order to enable quick and appropriate responses to any potential large-scale future disaster.
In the event of an earthquake of magnitude 5 or above, the system uses mobile phones to issue information on the safety of employees in the affected area, and upon confirmation of the situation, can be used to do such things as collect disaster information and provide guidance on actions to be taken, as required.

Materials are stockpiled in preparation for disasters

In preparation for disasters, Shinsho stockpiles disaster-related equipment and supplies at each business site in Japan. In addition, the status of these materials is posted on the Company’s intranet, so that if an emergency should occur, it can be understood just where they are located.

Distribution of a pocket manual for disasters

Based on the two most important elements in times of disaster, namely securing safety and communicating for safety, Shinsho distributes a simple, card-type manual to all employees who work at Shinsho Corporation and those of certain affiliated companies in Japan. Moreover, in order for employee families to also utilize this resource, it is posted on the Company’s intranet site as well.

Securing the safety of employees involved in overseas operations

For Shinsho employees who perform operations in countries outside of Japan, Shinsho publishes the international travel information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Company’s intranet. Depending on the situation of each area, Shinsho also provides detailed guidance on cautionary items. In addition, as in recent years there have been an increasing number of employees working outside of Japan, Shinsho strives to strengthen and enhance a series of measures that will provide safety and security.

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