Initiatives to Enhance Working Environments

Basic Stance

For a trading company, employees are the critical human talent that will lead to the generation of new business. For such employees, Shinsho is enthusiastic in its efforts to improve workplace environments. In addition, recent years have seen companies pursue initiatives for diversity, placing respect and acceptance on a wide variety of differences, including gender, age, nationality, sense of values and character. Shinsho seeks to be a company supremely capable of effectively adapting to a constantly changing business environment and a diversification of needs.

Initiatives for Diversification

Aiming for a pleasant workplace where work and home life is balanced.

With the goal of supporting employees’ child care and nursing care activities, in October 2004 Shinsho formulated its Guidelines for Child Care and Nursing Care Leave, and has since promoted these rules which enable employees to choose, based on their preferences, 1. Child care or nursing care leave; 2. Restrictions on working overtime or late night hours in order to perform child care or nursing care; or 3. Shortened working hours for child care or nursing care.

【Actual usage of system (Shinsho Corporation)】

In addition, as part of initiative to support a balance between work and parents’ lifestyles and nursing care, in December 2012 Shinsho contracted with the nursing care services provider NPO Sea Care, becoming a corporate member.

Name NPO Sea Care
Address 〒103-0025
5F Kayaba-cho Daiei Building, 4-9, Kayaba-cho 2-chome, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0025
Certification Certified from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on May 30, 2002
(Tokyo Municipal Certification number: specified non-profit juridical person certified by Bureau of citizens and cultural affairs of Tokyo, No. 14-204)
Establishment date June 19, 2002
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Making Efforts at Global Recruitment

Shinsho Corporation has set a goal of achieving an overseas trading ratio of 50% in fiscal 2020, and is working to develop its overseas bases where it is expanding a business model oriented toward operations. For that reason, as one human resources strategy, Shinsho is actively working to recruit exchange students from overseas who are residing in Japan. Shinsho is also aggressively seeking to hire local employees at its subsidiaries that operate outside of Japan.

【Actual hiring of non-Japanese employees (Shinsho Corporation)】

Senior Specialist System

The age of retirement is 60 at Shinsho, but those retirees who wish to be rehired can conclude a fixed-term employment contract with a human resources-related agency specified by the Company, and then, as a senior specialist, be dispatched to Shinsho or one of its Group companies, or other site.
These employees contribute to the Company’s business under working arrangements determined from 1. Regular duties: 2. Duties performed on fewer days; or 3. Duties with fewer working hours.

【Actual usage of system (Shinsho Corporation)】

Measures to Deal with Large-Scale Disasters

Shinsho regularly conducts disaster preparedness drills.

In April 2007 Shinsho formulated its large-scale disaster countermeasure guidelines which work as a defense against disasters when they occur and set in place a framework to prepare for emergencies. In addition, Shinsho is working to mitigate damage that may occur in the future by regularly conducting disaster preparedness drills and holding meetings of its disaster prevention organization.

Mobile phone Web access to confirm safety

In August 2011, Shinsho commenced operation of its Shinsho Disaster Information System in Japan in order to enable quick and appropriate responses to any potential large-scale future disaster.
In the event of an earthquake of magnitude 5 or above, the system uses mobile phones to issue information on the safety of employees in the affected area, and upon confirmation of the situation, can be used to do such things as collect disaster information and provide guidance on actions to be taken, as required.

Materials are stockpiled in preparation for disasters

In preparation for disasters, Shinsho stockpiles disaster-related equipment and supplies at each business site in Japan. In addition, the status of these materials is posted on the Company’s intranet, so that if an emergency should occur, it can be understood just where they are located.

Distribution of a pocket manual for disasters

Based on the two most important elements in times of disaster, namely securing safety and communicating for safety, Shinsho distributes a simple, card-type manual to all employees who work at Shinsho Corporation and those of certain affiliated companies in Japan. Moreover, in order for employee families to also utilize this resource, it is posted on the Company’s intranet site as well.

Securing the safety of employees involved in overseas operations

For Shinsho employees who perform operations in countries outside of Japan, Shinsho publishes the international travel information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Company’s intranet. Depending on the situation of each area, Shinsho also provides detailed guidance on cautionary items. In addition, as in recent years there have been an increasing number of employees working outside of Japan, Shinsho strives to strengthen and enhance a series of measures that will provide safety and security.

Information can be viewed at any locations worldwide with access to the Internet.

Shinsho considers the maintenance of employee health as an important corporate role.

At Shinsho, employee health is managed by making regular health checkups available to all employees. For those employees who request, industrial physicians and public health care nurses are introduced, with opportunities made to consult about the results of medical examinations. In addition, given the transformation to the economy and industrial structure of recent years, there has been an increasing rate of workers who feel worried, anxious or stressed about their jobs or career lifestyle, which is said to be leading to a rising trend of emotional disorders. Shinsho has from February 2007 contracted with JAICO, an association of industrial counselors in Japan, to provide mental health management support to employees. Although not available at every site, Shinsho sets aside counseling rooms for employee use in the areas where it has worksites in Japan to support the emotional health management of its employees.